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Practice makes permanent - but not necessarily perfect!

Inside this bulletin, you'll find information for all coaches and athletes on how to develop a training program. This crucial information is extracted from Successful Coaching, the specialist newsletter published for coaches and athletes at all levels.

Many athletes are self-coached and we offer an insight into coaching that will confirm your training program is properly formulated and on track, while keeping you informed of the latest breakthrough techniques that are replacing outdated and often time wasting activities.

You'll receive the facts and figures to support our training methods, backed with the quality of practical guidance you'll not find elsewhere. Each case study cuts straight to the facts with no padding or waffle.

• What exercises to put in a circuit training program

• How many sets

• How long an athlete should work

• How much rest the athlete should take

• How to develop an athlete's performance, strength and mobility

• The benefits of complex training

• How to keep stress levels down on competition day

Learn about non-athletic factors such as:

• Nutrition

• Psychology

• Supplements

• Heart rate monitors

• Training aids

• Sports drinks

• Massage

• Injury prevention

• Over training

• Energy systems used by different events


A successful coach must mearn how to:

• Communicate effectively with your athletes

• Understand the learning process and training principles

• Implement appropriate teaching methods

• Use the various coaching styles

• Recognise the capabilities of growing children

• Advise athletes on track safety

• Recognise the causes and symptoms of over-training

• Reduce the risk of injury to your athletes

• Prepare training programmes to meet the needs of each athlete

• Assist athletes to develop new skills

• Use evaluation tests to monitor training progress and predicting performance

• Direct athletes on their nutritional needs

• Develop the athlete's energy systems

• Advise on relaxation and mental imagery skills

• Advise on the use of legal supplements

• Calculate the athlete's competition performance

• Evaluate athlete/training and athlete/coach performance