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101 Evaluation Tests


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Every sports coach knows that the success of a training program is largely dependent upon satisfying the performance aims associated with it.

That’s why regular performance evaluation is so essential, whether you’re coaching a group of athletes or a self-coached individual. Because periodic testing and measuring is the only way to get the up-to-date, accurate and objective information you need to assess current performance, then make informed decisions about future training and competition goals.

This brand new workbook, 101 Performance Evaluation Tests, is the largest, most complete and authoritative collection of sports performance evaluation tests there is. And it’s an essential tool for anyone wanting to predict athletic performance or evaluate an athlete’s current level of fitness.

Because 101 Performance Evaluation Tests covers all the principal facets of fitness– endurance, agility, mobility & balance, strength, speed & power and sports psychology, it’s able to meet every athlete’s requirements, not matter which sport they compete in.

We’ve even included several body composition tests, so you can gauge what sort of shape an athlete’s in, plus a handy set of VO2 max tables.

And to top it all, we’ve built in an interactivecomponent to the workbook. This harnesses the power and convenience of the internet to make performance testing easier and more beneficial for coaches and self-coached individuals alike.

Here’s how it works:

Each test that enables an athlete’s raw performance results to be computed and further analysed has a web link connecting you to its own online calculator. To use the calculator, simply click on the web link (situated on the workbook page for that test), key in your raw performance data, click on the ‘’results’ button and the calculator instantly computes the athlete’s results.

In this way, 101 Performance Evaluation Tests takes all the hassle out of calculating performance test results – and helps you ensure that, when you perform the same test periodically over time, your methodology doesn’t waver from one test to another. It’s one less thing for you to worry about in your already-overcrowded daily schedule.

With your copy of 101 Performance Evaluation Tests you’re guaranteed (1) that you’re testing your athletes in the right way, thanks to our authoritative, step-by-step explanations of how each test should be performed, and (2) that your test results are correctly calculated first time, every time, thanks to the handy online calculator.

So, no more worries about making an arithmetical error in any of your calculations. It’s all taken care of!

You can even compare the information with previous results from the same individual, or with generally-accepted scores for that test if you prefer. The workbook comes with a results template (in Microsoft Excel format) that you can use to store data over time for one or more athletes.

And here’s another major benefit of using this coaching resource that you shouldn’t overlook. A coach can easily become wedded over time to a particular test or sets of tests, often for no other reason than sheer familiarity. The more often you use a test, the more likely you are to use it again… But just because you’re used to using one particular test for endurance or power, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ones out there worth evaluating.

The question is: how can you be sure which performance tests are worth trying out?

Now you can, thanks to 101 Performance Evaluation Tests. Because we’ve included a considerable number of proven tests under each fitness category, today you have the opportunity to compare and contrast your own preferred tests for agility, say, with some of the other accepted tests.