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The Benchpress - A New Guide

Ultimate Benchpress manual

We're getting ready to publish our new Benchpress Manual. Here's a sneaky sneak preview..


Q. What does bench pressing do in particular that other exercise regimes don't?

A. Performing the bench press exercise in a consistent and correct fashion will dramatically increase your upper body musculature, your pushing power and enable you to absorb more upper torso punishment on the playing field. It is the exercise of choice for those who want to build upper body strength and power.

Q. Is your book better than other sources of similar information?

A.This is the BEST BOOK in the class because it is a compilation of hundreds of movements that cover the gamut of exercises for the entire upper body, all in one easy to digest manual. These include exercises to make the grip of the fingers more solid, it moves into movements for the forearms, the biceps and triceps and through the major muscles including the commonly worked pectoralis major.

Q. Why?

A. If you lack strength and power in your upper body this manual will provide a roadmap to that strength and power.

If you are lacking upper torso muscular development this book shows you the exercises to become bigger and stronger. It shows you the best exercises for a particular area and for a specific problem encountered in becoming a better bench presser.

This truly is the Ultimate Bench Press Manual.

Q. Is there anything unique or special about your book?

A. The unique part of this manual is this:

Every muscle that is involved in the bench press either directly as an agonist or as an antagonist is listed along with the stationary stabilizers and the active stabilizers. They are all in this manual. And most have exercises designed to make that muscle stronger and more powerful if they follow a properly designed strength program.

Look at the benefits this new book delivers!

The Ultimate Bench Press Manual delivers far more than bigger, more powerful muscles. It will change the way you look, the way you look at life, at future prospects, stress, work and sport. Although this may sound a huge claim, let me explain how it works in practice:

Everyone knows, or should know by now, the valuable benefits to a healthier lifestyle. But, in case you aren’t aware of them I have listed just a few for you to consider before you begin your bench press training.

Our approach is this: there is a time to rest but there is also a time to hit it hard in the gym. Here are some of the benefits this new book will deliver to you:

Increased endurance power and strength all translate into more available energy for the day. It leads to stronger muscles and improvements in coordination, which translates into better sport performance and easier accomplishments of daily activity.

Increased strength builds lean muscle mass which helps prevent injuries as less stress is imposed on the supporting joints of the body due to the lower more functional weight Improvements in the digestion processes. Stress is decreased because you are doing something for yourself. Mood swings are decreased or more under control as you are active in a productive manner. Lower Blood Pressure readings occurs in many cases which may lead to lower incidence of heart disease.

Increased pain killing endorphins commonly referred to as the ‘runners high’ flood through your body. Improved intellectual capabilities leads to increased productivity as it gives your brain a reprieve. Exercise helps you to develop better sleep patterns. Improvements in the ratio of lean muscle to fat body increases muscular endurance.

Increased lean muscle mass decreases your body fat inventory. A reduction in the risk of a cardiovascular event is due to the improved blood lipid and cholesterol profiles that result from continued exercise.

Increases in lean muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. For each pound of muscle your body burns approximately fifty more calories per day. Your basic metabolism is higher with more lean muscle mass and bone mineral density is increased with higher impact exercises.

Improved muscle tonicity increases your muscle definition which makes you look and feel better. Increases in strength of the musculo-tendon system results in fewer injuries. Maximum benefits result from a small amount of time. It helps to improve your posture by strengthening your abdominals and lower back muscles. Flexibility is increased, not decreased if the exercise is performed in its full range of motion Keeping active keeps your body alive and the stronger you are the more formidable you will be in your chosen sport.